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Thread: Attachments when editing a post...

  1. Attachments when editing a post...

    Sometimes I post a pic and get only a red X. When I try to edit the post to attach one, it doesn't let me.

    Also, how come I can't delete my own posts?

  2. As long as your picture is within the stated guidelines, it should show. Give me a link as an example.

    Which post can't you delete?

  3. Hi Melf, I have thoroughly checked the permissions of the Registered/Senior Member usergroups. The only board permission prohibiting deletion from the user end applies to "threads", not posts

  4. I don't think you can edit a post to attach a file. You can edit a post with an already attached file, and you're given the option of deleting it, keeping it or uploading a new one, though.

  5. Announcer: Okay, Melf, who helped the most - Admin Number 1 . . .

    Nick: Pick me, Melf!

    Announcer: Admin Number 2 . . .

    Bahn: You better choose wisely, Melf!

    Announcer: Or Admin Number 3?

    CKA: It's in the bag.

    What cka said.

  6. I never win anything...

  7. You all helped a bunch. Thanks!

    Nick: I think the pic was too big. Could that be it?

    Bahn: I was trying to delete a thread. D'oh!

    CKA: Thanks man!


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