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Thread: Behind Enemy Lines Interactive Site Lanched

  1. Behind Enemy Lines Interactive Site Lanched

    If you liked the movie, you'll like the site.

    For those of you looking for a new Gene Hackman fix, or just simply couldn't get enough of the movie, check out the new Behind Enemy Lines site here .

    Besides a nice little macromedia presentation, you can also play a new vertical shooter (I use the term loosely) and see some behind the scenes information, as well as get the 411 on the upcoming DVD release. The DVD and VHS copies hit stores April 23.

    Source: Press Release

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    Andy787 Guest
    TNL covers movies now?

  3. I knew this question was coming....

    well, it's not really official, but we do cover all forms of media (we covered RE: the movie, The Fast and the Furious DVD reviews, etc.) related to video games; but this was a press release sent to us and it kind of fits our coverage because it had a "game" in there (warning: said 'game' is actually a really bad version of spy hunter in the air). Anywho, what do you guys think? want more of this stuff?
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