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Thread: skelly's Feedback Thread

  1. Baron == Great Seller

    I just finished an excellent transaction with Baron, or Joseph King as he's known to the real world. The prices were very reasonable, included shipping, and he even tossed in a free Vagrant Story strategy guide.

    There was a delay before he could ship the games, but he was assudious about keeping me informed via email. He also checked in constantly to make sure the games had arrived safely.

    When they did arrive, the packaging was outstanding. Games were wrapped up and taped shut in two layers of bubble wrap, and these were covered in generous amounts of styrofoam peanuts. The games were supposed to be in tip-top condition, and so they were.

    In short, I would have absolutely no reservations about ordering from Joseph in the future. And hey, he still has more stuff to sell. Go take it off his hands!

  2. You heard the man. There's still some stuff left. Exercise your capitalist instincts! Buy!

    Thanks for the swell feedback, BenT. Glad to hear everything arrived well.


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