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Thread: PSO - Xbox PSO - Official Thread

  1. Yield Xbox PSO - Official Thread

    I still plan to get PSO for Xbox and I want to know who here plans on buying it too.

    Let's start with an easy question:

    What character do you plan to start off with?

    I'm planning on starting off with a FOmar (and eventually a HUmar too), I played the DC version with hunters and some rangers and I never really got into the forces.

    *waits for Andy and Mode7*

  2. Yep I plan on getting it. should be fun playing with ya again (I remember playing with you on the dc ver).

    Gonna start out as a FOnewearl.

    We should choose a ship/block where we can all meet before the game comes out. something like 8th ship 5th block.

  3. we should also meet at whatever the PSO World ship is (I have no idea)
    if all else fails

  4. I'm actually seriously considering a FOmar myself, and for the exact same reasons. Then again, I could just as easily end up with a HUcast -- traps and HP regen? Sounds good to me.

    Hell, I'm even starting to think up names to match section IDs...

  5. yeah, I'm naming my FOmar Bob (for the PINKAL)

    and my HUmar Mayzer (for the SKYLY) but ORAN and REDRIA are also good...

  6. Heh, I was going to go with a FOnewearl as well, but it seems everyone is going with Forces, so I guess I'll probably go with a HUmar or HUcast to balance things out a bit. Should be a lot of fun playing with you guys, I can't wait
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    Section ID calculator (also says what each ID does)

  8. I'm thinking Olrox (skyly) for the HUcast, and chain (pinkal) for the FOmar. Heh -- great minds, as they say.

  9. Most of you people dont know me, but I'm planning on getting this too.

    I'm gonna go with either a HUnewearl or a RAcaseal, maybe something else. I never played as a Force in the DC version. Hope to see some of you online.

  10. we need a prep game to get us warmed up

    this site has a demo of the PC version that can go online, we should get a game going


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