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Thread: Name the game thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Name the game thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Okies, here you go, there is a game youve been looking for for six years (or however long), but no one has it or wants to sell it, and you would still love to find it. Name it, this includes TG16, Duo, Saturn, Playstation, SNES, Genesis, NES, and even ps2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just tell me that game you always wanted, or have been looking for, for a while, but for one reason or another, couldnt find it. This could be interesting. Saves me having to post every fricking game that i have because that wouldnt be an easy task!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I'm looking for a MINT, non greatest hits copy of Silent Hill for the playstation.
    It's a mirror image!

  3. My recent game I can't find anywhere is a complete copy of Sol Divide for Jap Sega, preferably

  4. Shining Force 3: Scenario 2 mint with spine card for cheap :P

  5. My Most Wanted Ever:

    The Journey Home: Quest for the Throne for Super Nintendo. Domestic version of Neugier by Wolfteam, a Zelda-like Action/RPG. It was never officially released, canned JUST before it was supposed to go into production I believe. Gamepro actually did review it in one of their old issues. I am thoroughly convinced a beta copy of it exists somewhere out there, but I've never been able to procure one. If someone has it, I will pay very handsomly or trade very richly for it.

    Also much wanted:

    Complete and mint copies of the following Mega Drive games:

    Alien Soldier (Japanese version)
    Yu Yu Hakusho (by Treasure, also Japanese version)
    Rent-a-Hero (Japanese)
    Panorama Cotton (4 faulking people on GameTZ have it and not a one willing to part with it. Missed a chance to get it on eBay auction a few weeks back )

    If anyone could hook me up with any of these, as I want them ALL, but ESPECIALLY Journey Home, I would give you access to most anything on my Available lists:
    omg TNL epics!

  6. Hmm, so far cant help anybody. I have a copy of the original Silent Hill, but its a burn. And just the first scenario for Shining Force. Keep em coming though guys, especially for the Saturn and Duo/TG16 i bet i can help somebody out.

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    TheSCHLONG! Guest
    im looking for Resident Evil for Saturn. i refuse to pay $50+ for a complete mint copy on ebay so i guess im forever doomed.

  8. Actually, buddy, there is a guy over at Gametz selling one for $20. Check out this url:

    and give one of those guys a shout, you may be surprised, good luck.

  9. i'd like an american copy of Dragon Force for cheap... I don't wanna spend around $100 for what would be my 3rd copy of the game. 4th if you count the import one >_<

  10. Hmmm lets see here:
    Cotton Boomerang - SATURN - I seldomly see it, and when I do, it goes for like $80, which is a bit rich for my blood.
    Cotton - TGCD/PCE CD - This is the reason I originally got a TGCD unit, I don't think I've ever seen one for sale other than the one Sadoshi had for sale a while back (forgive me, I've misspelled the name).
    Aleste II - GAME GEAR - It's Aleste (MUSHA) on gamegear! How cool is that?
    Idol Janshi Suchie Pai Majhong Part II - SATURN - If your going to get just one red label saturn import, this is THE one to own, there's actually movement and dialogue in this game unlike other hentai mahjong games that have stills and little/no dialogue.

    I'm sure there's a few more, but I am forgetful at the time of the morning.


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