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Thread: $100 for PS2 demo disc

  1. Originally posted by Rich
    Apparently you don't understand the concept of DEMO disk.
    i hope the is in reponse to understanding that i was kinding...

    Originally posted by mattvanstone
    RakuGaki Showtime
    there is a game i havn't heard mentioned in awhile...

  2. Originally posted by mattvanstone
    I should sell that Dengeki demo with the 1 RakuGaki Showtime playable level on it. I bet I could get some cash for that one.
    Which level? Is it the single player mode?

  3. Keep your filthy hands off my demo disk Valgar. MVS, lets work a deal here, how about $200?

  4. I already own Rakugaki Showtime

    I'm just wondering what was on the demo, cause I've never heard about it.

  5. I dunno whice level it is, I never got into the full game. It's the yard of a house though, and, I believe you can play 2 people on it.

    I think I'll put it on ebay soon, sounds like some might go psycho over it.

  6. Heh, nice scam.

    This reminds me... 4 or 5 months ago there was a thread over on the Digital Press message boards about how Best Buy stores were selling some sort of PS2 demo disc for $100. We couldn't figure out why they were apparently charging so much. I wonder if this is the same disc.

  7. I now know how I am going to pay for my copy of Suikoden 2... ((he says as he eyes the stack of PS2 demo discs))

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  8. #18
    I got my Suikoden II for 37 bucks this week, so ha!

    *thanks JohnPV*

  9. Where did you find it? I'm curious....

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    My Suikoden II? JohnPV works at a Funcoland, and he sold me the copy his story got in.


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