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Thread: Amstrad Mega PC for Sale!!

  1. Amstrad Mega PC for Sale!!

    Hi im selling my Amstrad Mega PC, main unit itself and the keyboard. Before you use the computer mode you need to chage the battery or leave it on awhile because when its on it says "replace battery bla bla bla" but the megadrive/genesis mode works fine without it. For pictures and questions email me at and my AIM name is yasuzake247 , also my ebay name is yasuzake247 so you can look me up. Thanks!

  2. I have a question, is it the PAL version of the Amstrad? And how much were you looking to get for it, or would you prefer a trade? I have a list on GameTZ.
    omg TNL epics!

  3. It is the UK verson but it has a auto switch 110/220 power supply and it will run 60mhz games as far as I know, since it run on a vga monitor. Im looking for around $150 or so, I will trade for a boxed launch japanese dreamcast (the orange one with Mr. Okawa on it) Japanese Sonic Advanture and the house of the dead 2 box set. Let me know if we can work something out, thanks

  4. I see you have a biohazard Dreamcast , What are you wanting to do with that? maybe we can work something out ....and you have the BBA

  5. SOLD!!


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