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    Stuffed Boxes


    What happened to that nifty PM box feature? The one where you could see how many messages a member has so you don't write a message if the box is full.

    When a message is dispatched to the user does it say who was trying to contact them?

  2. Probably a vBulletin hack that was installed before the software was upgraded.

  3. I think you get an email letting you know who tried to contact you, and that your box is "stuffed."

  4. Korian and co: No, you do not receive an email when a user's pm box is full. Nor do we have any plans to "reprogram" the boards to feature the specified feature you're looking for (especially since the first time around, significant people complained about it showing up in the first place. If there's a significant request for one however, then perhaps we'll reconsider.

    cka: Actually I removed it because of all the uber-complaints, long before the "upgrade".

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    Ah I see.

    Does anyone else run into the problem of users box being full, wether it's to talk business or to just say hello?

    I guess it's time for some cleaning for some of you heh.

    Anyways I guess I could go the email route, though I'm not sure if the person I'm emailing feels comfortable always.

  6. Originally posted by Korian

    I guess it's time for some cleaning for some of you heh.
    hehe..Very true.
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