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Thread: Sakura Taisen PS2 Trailer

  1. Sakura Taisen PS2 Trailer

    Still waiting for my slow connection to download it, but the screenshots also on the page look great. I might buy a PS2 just for this game and the upcoming Sakura Taisen 5, of course.

    Okay, now that I've watched the trailer... anyone know where I can get a pre-modded PS2 online? I might have to settle for just getting a Japanese one because damn...

    I only can tell it's a remake because they said it was. Everything in the trailer is new or touched up to the point that it might as well be new. There's just no way I can not have this game.
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  2. WEEEEE!!! I'm all about some Sakura Taisen, PS2 love!
    My very first import was Sakura Taisen 3, thanks to you, among others.

    Since then, I've been pining for all the Sakura crap I can get my hands on.

    This looks delish (did I just say "delish?!")!!!
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  3. I think I really need to just buy a damned game in the ST series, find a good translation, and play it already. It's something I keep putting off...

    Maybe this one.

  4. Originally posted by Click_Stick
    I think I really need to just buy a damned game in the ST series, find a good translation, and play it already. It's something I keep putting off...

    Maybe this one. <--- 1 down, two to go.

    The first game is great (PS2 is a remake of 1), the second one adds a little to it, the third revolutionizes it, and the fourth ends it.

    That being said, ST and ST3 are definitely my favs in the series. I can never get tired of 'em. Heck, I played ST through 13x already. Starting with the remake may not be a bad idea, although ST2-4 will only be on DC. Also, DC ST save data works with ST2-4 as well.

    Ammadeau: I recommend just getting a J-PS2. After all the headaches with modded PSX's, and the cost that the only workable(?) PS2 chip solution is the Messiah, which will cost you ~$100 for the chip alone, I say just do J-PS2. 'sides, perhaps you'll need a R2 player for the DVD it comes with.


    Unfortunately, this is practically the only link I have that sells modded PS2 now. I only read about it on another board so I can't vouch for them in any way. Unfortunately, places like Lik-Sang who used to sell them don't anymore, and all the other shadier sites only offer the chips and installation separately.

    You have to do some tricks with a PS2 mod, but I haven't really had trouble with mine. The Messiah is not the only chip that plays original imports, mine is an Origa and it works, the only problem is it's a bitch to install and a lot of places don't really have it. If you go to certain countries in Asia (I think you know which ones), you should be able to get a Messiah-modded PS2 easily.

    Back to the trailer, looks like some great stuff in there? What's with that scene of Oogami and Sakura fighting in space though? Reminded me of a......similar scene in 4. Ah well, eagerly anticipating my copy.

  6. Originally posted by Tsubaki <--- 1 down, two to go.
    Nice link. One step down, one more to go.

    EDIT: Just watched trailer. Frigg. ST has such a sexy art style.

  7. That was one fucking sweet trailer, I must say. I feel like I'm really missing out here. Must... learn... Japanese...

  8. I preordered the LE of this game the second it was announced.

    Can't wait...

  9. #9
    Peh. All they need to do touch this up for GC/XB or the next console generation and ST1 will have more incarnations than Bio Hazard 1.

    Sakura Taisen 4 was Cash Run #1, this re-re-revision of ST1 is Cash Run #2. I funded them for Cash Run #1, so Red and Overworks and whoever the fuck else I have to blame so that ferricide doesn't correct me can go fuck themselves for Cash Run #2.

    Sakura Taisen 5 should be coming out first, but what do I know.

  10. Doh.. I just made a thread about this because I didn't notice this one.. oh well.. The movie looks really really neat.

    But um, hasn't Sakura Taisen already been officially announced to come to PS2 in North America? As far as I know it is... they just have not announced which game(s) they are bringing over first... but I am a ST n00b so who knows..

    I'd find out before going through all the trouble of getting a modded PS2 or a J-PS2 anyway though...

    Edit: Lookit:


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