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Thread: Craziest auctions ever!!

  1. Craziest auctions ever!!

    I have mega stuff up for auction at the moment. Some of it is super cool. For instance:

    What we have here is a NES test station. Test everything! What's that? You think your Rob the Robot might have cybernetic carpal tunnel? Hook 'im up to the test station. I doubt I'll ever see another one of these bad boys again. It literally tests everything associated with the NES (first party Nintendo stuff that is). From cartridges to controllers to AC adapters. Works perfect!

    Here's some other goodies, each one is a sperate auction:

    Hello Kitty DC system with 27 sealed imports (alot of 'em are sweet too)
    Project Justice
    Panzer Dragoon Saga
    Radiant Silvergun
    Yukyu Gensokyoku Hozonban Perpetual Collection
    Derby Stallion skeleton Saturn
    Christmas Nights Saturn system
    Ogre Battle 64
    Gundam 0079 Premium Disc (DC)
    Dragonball GT Final Bout (US PSX)
    Gradius Deluxe Pack (Saturn)
    McDonald's Fandisc (JPS2 this thing is crazy, playable demos of Parappa 2 and Ape Escape 2 and some silly live video)
    DDR 6th Mix (PS2)
    Sakura Taisen DC system
    R7 (Regulation #7) DC system
    Biohazard 5th Anniversary briefcase

    There's abunch of other stuff up right now too (including a couple of super sweet vintage skateboard decks) so go ahead and peep it! Here's the link:


  2. Link!

  3. LOL, thanks Melf! It's been a long day



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