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  1. trying to

    i just finished writing this really nice, upbeat, and explanatory post, listing a few things that i had to sell and saying "hello" to all of the people whose posts i had been reading for all of this time and the thread didnt show up. so this one will be streamlined, sorry.

    (pm me if you have questions, everything i have is complete and in good condition with the exception of the RFU wires)

    USA psx street fighter 2 collection 2

    JAP DC sonic adventure

    JAP DC sonic adventure 2 birthday package

    JAP DC sega rally 2

    JAP DC daytona racing online

    one tired third party SNES controller that is a riot to look at

    RFU wires for dc, nintendo systems, psx, and saturn.

    thanks for reading and sorry for the brief nature of the post, i have lost all patience.

  2. all of the loot was sold today for a total of seventy dollars. i guess that none of you will get to see that tired pad. your loss i suppose.

  3. I have thre SA2 Birthday package... by Package I hope you don't mean it WITH the game... in which case I do not have it. Check it out in the collectables section

    EDIT - Never mind - read before I write.. I'll remember that. I thought you were looking to buy, not sell :/



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