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Thread: Its time... over 70 games for sale.

  1. Its time... over 70 games for sale.

    I have had it. I have too many video games I don't play, and never will. Its time to do some serious clearing out of the collection.

    Lets start with the wackest stuff first. All these games come with box and manual, I don't feel like opening up the boxes and looking at the discs right now. If you really want to know the condition of them shoot me a PM.

    Fifa International Soccer
    The Incredible Machine
    PGa Tour 96
    Rise of the Robots
    Way of the Warrior
    Foes of Ali
    Shockwave 2: Beyond the Gate
    BONUS!!111 buy two games and get the Crystal Dynamics sampler CD thrown in! UNBELIEVEABLE!

    Genesis: All these games are cart only unless noted.
    6-PAK (purchased new, never opened)
    Ecco the Dolphin
    The Revenge of Shinobi (two copies)

    NES: All games are cart only.
    Blades of Steel
    Dr. Mario
    John Elway's Quarterback (reverse play ownz j00!!1)
    Legend of Zelda
    Adventure of Link
    Mega Man 3
    Nightmare on Elm Street
    Pro Wrestling (a winner is you)
    Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt (I can think of someone who wants this...)
    SuperSpike Vball
    Spy Hunter
    World Cup

    Super Nintendo: All games are cart only except where noted.
    Breath of Fire
    Chrono Trigger (This was my pride and joy for a long long time. 100% mint and complete no sun damage on box, no creases, nothing.)
    Final Fantasy II
    Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
    Secret of Evermore

    Game Boy: All titles are factory sealed
    Final Fantasy Adventure
    Final Fantasy Legend
    Final Fantasy Legend II
    Final Fantasy Legend III

    Nintendo 64: All titles have box and instructions
    Starcraft 64

    Playstation: All titles are mint and complete except where noted.
    Castlevania Chronicles (opened, never played)
    Grandia (opened, never played)

    Saturn: Japanese, no spine.
    Metal Slug (disc has light scratches. Tested 100% working))

    Gameshark CDX w/ memory card (Go on you pussy... cheat!)

    I can't place a value on items from my collection, so you're gonna have to make offers. I would love to sell things in packages, so don't be afraid to quote a price for multiple items.

    Keep in mind, this is rather hard for me to do, so I apologize in advance is I act like an asshole to any of you.

    Well... get going. Shoot me some offers.

    Originally posted by Kidnemo
    You should note what kind of payments you accept also.
    Paypal, check, money order, cash.

  2. !!!!

    Alright, you're hardcore...but I'll believe it when the first package is sent out!

    You should note what kind of payments you accept also.

    Good luck with everything btw.

  3. #3
    Shouldn't some of that stuff be on ebay instead of here?

  4. Originally posted by Rich
    Shouldn't some of that stuff be on ebay instead of here?
    Yes, but I like you guys, and thought I'd give you all a crack at it first.

  5. How's $15 for Grandia and $4 for Shadow Dancer sound?

  6. Grandia = too low
    Shadow Dancer = just right.

    PM me.

  7. PM sent.

  8. I'm interested in Shinobi III and the following NES games: Excitebike, Solomon's Key, Rygar. $10 for all?

  9. Why are you doing this, 88?
    Quote Originally Posted by Drewbacca View Post
    There is wisdom beyond your years in these consonants and vowels I write. Study them and prosper.

  10. Originally posted by Captain Vegetable
    Why are you doing this, 88?
    *Knees Capt. Veg in the nuts*

    Shut up! Err, I mean....what was your question?


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