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Thread: A recent sketch

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    It's a bird flying into the sunset!

  2. Originally posted by neoalphazero
    Hee nope, it's all his. It's pretty small at a mere 8 by 11 inches.

    Rich, I've never mentioned to him that the bird was flying above mountains, I should ask him what it looks like and go with that answer . *-neo
    Don't be a jackass, jackass.

    And 8 - 11 is alittle too small for my wall. i might as well tape up a report! hehe. Good work though. make me a larger one and I'll give you 75 bucks! Like 11 - 17!
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  3. That's a sketch?

    What would you term a "drawing"?

    Very nice and colourful.

  4. Simply beautiful. Well done.
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