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Thread: Fan Group Announces Tribute Package to Nobuo Uematsu

  1. Fan Group Announces Tribute Package to Nobuo Uematsu

    A fan-based organization prepares to release its first CD tribute dedicated to the world-renowed composer of Final Fantasy.

    KFSS Studios has announced the upcoming release of its musical compiliation, developed as a tribute to the world-renowed composer, Nobuo Uematsu. Dubbed as <b>Project Majestic Mix: A Tribute to Nobuo Uematsu</b> is the first in an ambitious series of albums attempting to popularize and domesticate video game music in America.

    <p>The staff of Project Majestic Mix is composed of a number of experienced musicians, most of whom freely arrange game music as a hobby and whose works are posted on sites such as Overclocked Remixes. The staff's objective is to rid the genre of its childish stereotype by creating game-inspired music worthy of national radio. After four grueling years of production, backed by no corporation or record label, connected to each other only by the Internet, and supported only by donations from nearly 1,300 fans totaling around $30,000, KFSS Studios is now proud to show America the product of its ambitions.

    Composer Nobuo Uematsu is best known for his musical work in the Final Fantasy series of games. Project Majestic Mix features 18 of his songs professionally arranged & performed to orchestral, techno, jazz, rock, and ambient styles.

    Two versions of the commercial CD album are planned. The 3,000 unit release of the limited Silver Edition CDs are currently available for preorder exclusively through for $15.96 each, while the Unlimited Edition is planned to be available through online retailers such as Amazon, CDNow, and GameMusic Online. Both editions feature distinctly different cover artwork and slightly varied track lists, each a full 74 minutes in length.

    More information, featuring the collective works from Majestic Mix can be found at the following links below.

    <b>Related Links</b>

    <a href="">Overclocked Remixes</a>
    <a href="">VGMix</a>
    <a href="">Majestic Mix</a>

    <b>Source:</b> Press Release

  2. here's the url for even more info:

    Project Majestic Mix

    it's way about time this cd is coming out, they started working on it like in '99-2000 and delayed it countless amount of times. but the work is incredible. the GIA had an article to it way back when and had samples. one that stuck out the most was the Anxious Hearts remix. it's such a great track.

  3. WOW !! This is really cool. Thanks for posting this Bahn.
    I'll be buying this during the summer ^_^

    Never even played a FF game,
    - Kabuki


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