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Thread: Spike Speigel

  1. Spike Speigel

    heres a pic I started about three months ago, I was looking at my old sketchbooks the other day and finished it up tonight. Im pretty happy with it, any crit/comments welcome...Ill be inking this shortly.

    for those that arent aware this is a character from the anime Cowboy Bebop...

  2. After looking Spike with the long long legs,seeing him with these kinda makes him chibi.. (If that's intentional,cool!!)
    The guns look a bit flat,though..

  3. Omigosh, that is DARLING. =D Looks like a teenage Spike!

  4. Baby Spike

    His legs should be longer though.

  5. ^^ Cute and nice movement in the legs.
    For the Spike you have, I don't think the legs are too short, I think that it looks like he's sagging his pants a bit...

  6. colored version

    thanks for the comments, about the legs, I intentionally didnt make them as long as the original style, I wanted to make it more original so i added my own flavor to the original design.

    The guns do look flat, I have trouble with perspective so thats pretty much where I ran into trouble.

    And this is my half assed coloring job that I may or may not finish, Im not really in a coloring mood recently, if anybody wants to take a crack at coloring this (for Aprils contest) let me know and ill post the b+w inked verion.

  7. Heh, chibi Spike, sort of. Very cool looking pose and I dig the whole feel of the pic. Colors are also nice. This may be youyr best work yet in my eyes! Keep up the good work!


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