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Thread: Ultimate X Men: Rogue.

  1. Ultimate X Men: Rogue.

    Hey you!!

    Here's a design i made of Rogue for the Ultimate X Men series.It was just for fun so don't expect her in comics anytime soon.

    If the page don't work,go directly to the pic.
    add a ? at the end or copy shortcut.


  2. I'm not an X-men fan, but I like what you've done. Nice outfit.

  3. damn, this looks really good. I havent seen the Ultimate xmen design before but I like this one.

    rougue has one of the best figures in all of comics and I think you got the gesture and her curveyness down. theres something about the head that feels a tiny bit unnatural, maybe its the neck.

    Im also a big fan of the hatchmarks and inking in general.

  4. Pretty good man! The lines look good and like Ryan said you hit her curves very well. Only crit I have (and this is only because I'm picky on it) is the lips. Stand out too much to me, but that's probably only me. (Again, on a girl that's the FIRST thing I seem to notice on their face) But overall you did great! BS and your friend who colored also did good. Keep it up man!

  5. Nice coloring though could put more tone on her jacket


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