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Thread: Selling Everything in My collection

  1. Selling Everything in My collection

    Well, the sh*t has hit the fan My entire collection except for a very small number of games has got to go. That includes many rare games. I'll be posting them on ebay. Should be over 400 games left to be sold. Domestic and Imports. Neo Geo CD, Neo Geo, Dreamcast, Turbo Duo, PC Engine, Mega Drive, Genesis, Nintendo 64, Gamecube, PS2, PSX, Super Grafx, PC FX, XBox, Sega CD, various OSTs, and various collectibles.

    They'll be more going up daily in batches on ebay:
    My Big Sale

  2. Why...? Think of all the joy you got out of your games! And you're just willing to hawk each and every one of the pieces to your favorite hobby?!? I hope your reason is honorable, like your child needs a kidney transplant or something.

    And damn you, sir, for not doing this in the summer when I'll actually have the funds to purchase some of your goods.

  3. lol. My reason for selling is that now that I don't have a job, it would be nice to be able to eat so I need money for that

  4. PM me before you put any DC imports on Ebay. Please.

  5. I'll post the complete list later today. 88 you have been emailed the list.

  6. I'd love to see the listing as well.
    matthewgood fan
    lupin III fan

  7. Hey... If you have complete N64 games... I'd most likely buy some off of you... PM me if you do... Or you can email me...

  8. ALL JP unless noted

    ALL First prints (I DO NOT collect reissues or greatest hits)

    “New no shrink” means exactly that. Everything is included.

    If you are interested in something please email me and I can give you a better description (many items include registration cards but I haven’t noted it b/c it’s a PIA just getting this list together).

    Sega Saturn
    1. Virtua Stick US (new)
    2. 3D Control Pad US (new)
    3. Control Pad Official US x2 (new)
    4. White SS Control Pad (mint)
    5. Official S Video lead boxed (mint)
    6. Albert Odyssey US (mint)
    7. Area 51 US (new no shrink)
    8. Assault Suit Leynos 2 (mint w/spine)
    9. Blast Wind (mint w/spine and reg card)
    10. Blazing Heroes US (mint)
    11. Christmas Nights US (bare)
    12. Cotton 2 (mint w/spine)
    13. Cotton Boomerang (Mint w/spine)
    14. Crows the Battle Action (mint w/spine)
    15. D US (mint)
    16. Dark Savior US (mint)
    17. Detana Twinbee Deluxe Pack (mint w/spine)
    18. Enemy Zero US (near mint)
    19. Gokujyo Parodius Da! Deluxe Pack (mint w/spine)
    20. Guardian Heroes US (mint)
    21. Jikkyou Osyaberi Parodius (new)
    22. Layer Section II (mint w/spine)
    23. Layer Section II (new)
    24. Nights US (mint)
    25. Salamander Deluxe Pack (mint w/spine)
    26. Sengoku Blaede (new no shrink)
    27. Shin Shinobi Den (new)
    28. Shining the Holy Ark US (mint)
    29. Skill Fang (new)
    30. Sonic Jam US (mint)
    31. Super Tempo (mint w/spine)
    32. The Legend of Oasis US (mint)
    33. Thunder Force V LE w/music CD (mint w/spine)
    34. Tryrush Deppy (new)

    1. Memory Card US (mint)
    2. Castlevania SOTN LE (mint w/LE artbook and LE Music CD)
    3. Einhander (mint w/spine)
    4. Elemental Gearbolt US (mint)
    5. Fear Effect 2 US (new no shrink)
    6. Fear Effect US (new no shrink)
    7. G Darius (mint w/spine)
    8. Gekioh Shooting King US (new)
    9. Gradius Gaiden (mint w/spine)
    10. Gunners Heaven (mint w/spine)
    11. Klonoa US (mint)
    12. Macross Plus (mint w/sine)
    13. Macross VF-X2 (mint w/spine)
    14. Metal Slug X (new no shrink)
    15. Parasite Eve II US (new)
    16. Parasite Eve US (mint)
    17. R Type Delta (mint no spine)
    18. Raycrisis US (new no shrink)
    19. Silent Hill US (near mint but black tape along back of manual)
    20. Sol Divide US (new)
    21. Strider 1&2 (new no shrink)
    22. Syphon Filter 2 US (mint)
    23. Syphon Filter 3 US (mint)
    24. Syphon Filter US (mint)
    25. The Raiden Project US (mint)
    26. Theme Hospital (mint)
    27. Xevious 3D/G+ (new)
    28. Zanac x Zanac (new no shrink)

    1. Official S Video lead boxed (mint)
    2. Official VGA Box US (mint)
    3. Official Sega Sports Black controller US x3 (new)
    4. Gameshark CDX US (new no shrink)
    5. Ikaruga (new no shrink)
    6. Maken X (mint no spine)
    7. Maken X US (new no shrink)
    8. Seaman US (new)
    9. Soul Reaver Legacy of Kain US (new)
    10. Space Channel 5 Part 2 (new no shrink)
    11. Sword of the Beserker US (new)
    12. Virtua Athlete 2k (sealed)
    13. Virtua Tennis 2 Euro (new)
    14. Zero Gunner 2 (new no shrink)
    15. Zombie Revenge US (new)

    Sega CD/Mega CD
    1. Denin Aleste (mint w/spine)
    2. Lethal Enforcers Box Set w/gun US (near mint)
    3. Lethal Enforcers II US (pristine)
    4. Monkey Island US (mint)
    5. Prince of Persia US (near mint)
    6. Vay US (mint w/map and reg card)

    Arcade Items (all JAMMA)
    1. Black US ‘A’ Board for CPS II games like D&D etc
    2. D&D Shadow Over Mysteria (Full Kit – Blue *used once*)

    Nintendo 64
    1. Jungle Green System US (new)
    2. Donkey Kong 64 US no expansion pack (nm)
    3. Hybrid Heaven US (new no shrink)
    4. Jet Force Gemini US (new no shrink)
    5. Nuclear Stike 64 US (mint)
    6. Paper Mario 64 US (mint)
    7. Space Station Silicon Valley US (mint)

    Neo Geo
    1. Ultra Neo Modded by !arcade!

    Neo CD
    1. Ninja Commando (new)
    2. Puzzle Bobble (new)
    3. Viewpoint (new)

    1. Final Fight 2 (near mint)
    2. King of Dragons US (near mint)
    3. Super Off Road US (mint)

    1. Mega Drive System boxed
    2. Air Buster US (aka Aero Blasters)
    3. Aladdin (mint)
    4. Aladdin US (new)
    5. Altered Beast (mint)
    6. Altered Beast US (mint)
    7. Arcus Odyssey US (mint)
    8. Arrow Flash (near mint)
    9. Asterix and The Great Rescue US (new no shrink)
    10. Bare Knuckle II (mint)
    11. Batman (mint)
    12. Battle Mania 2 (mint)
    13. Beyond Oasis US (mint)
    14. Cadash US (near mint)
    15. Caliber .50 US (mint)
    16. Cannon Fodder Euro (new)
    17. Crying (new)
    18. Dahna (mint)
    19. Desert Strike US (mint)
    20. Devil Crash (mint)
    21. Devil Hunter Yohko (mint)
    22. Dragon’s Revenge US (good condition)
    23. Dynamite Duke (mint)
    24. Dynamite Headdy (new)
    25. El Viento (new)
    26. Elemental Master (mint)
    27. Fantasia (mint)
    28. Forgotten Worlds (mint)
    29. G Loc (mint)
    30. Gaiares (mint)
    31. Golden Axe II US (mint)
    32. Golden Axe III (new)
    33. Gunstar Heroes (pristine)
    34. Herzog Zwei US (near mint)
    35. John Madden Football 93 US (mint)
    36. John Madden Football US (new no shrink)
    37. Jungle Strike US (new no shrink)
    38. Kyukyoku Tiger (mint)
    39. Lemmings 2: Tribes US (good condition some whitening on crease edge of manual)
    40. Light Crusader US (new)
    41. Madden 95 US (new no shrink)
    42. Magical Hat (mint)
    43. Magical Taruruto Kun (mint)
    44. Marvel Land (near mint)
    45. Mazin Saga (mint)
    46. Mega Turrican US (good condition)
    47. Mercs US (near mint)
    48. Monster World IV (mint)
    49. MUSHA US (new no shrink)
    50. NHLPA Hockey ’93 US (near mint-best hockey game ever)
    51. Peacock King 2 (mint)
    52. PGA Tour Golf US (near mint)
    53. Quackshot (mint)
    54. Rings of Power US (near mint)
    55. Risk US (near mint)
    56. Ristar Euro mint)
    57. Rocket Knight Adventures (mint)
    58. Rolling Thunder 2 (mint w/reg card and inserts)
    59. Rolling Thunder III US (mint)
    60. Scooby Doo Mystery (nm but pencil mark on manual)
    61. SD Valis (mint)
    62. Shining Force 2 US (mint but small compression on corner of box)
    63. Shining Force US (mint)
    64. Smurfs Euro (new)
    65. Smurfs Travel the World Euro (new)
    66. Sonic the Hedgehog (mint)
    67. Sonic the Hedgehog US (mint)
    68. Stargate SG-1 US (mint)
    69. Steel Empire US (mint)
    70. Syd of Valis US (mint)
    71. Target Earth US (mint)
    72. Task Force Harrier EX (mint)
    73. The Tick US (near mint)
    74. Toe Jam & Earl Panic on Funkatron US (mint)
    75. Twinkle Tale (mint)
    76. Urban Strike US (near mint)
    77. V.V. (V-Five) (mint)
    78. Wings of Wor US (near mint)

    1. Alien Syndrome US (near mint)
    2. Kenseiden US (mint)
    3. Power Stike II Euro (mint)
    4. Power Strike US Color (mint)
    5. R Type US (mint w/poster)
    6. Rambo First Blood Part II US (mint)
    7. The Ninja US (pristine)
    8. Time Soldiers US (good condition)
    9. Wonder Boy III The Dragon’s Trap US (mint)
    10. Wonder Boy in Monster Land Euro (nm)
    11. Wonder Boy US (mint)

    Turbo Duo/PCE/Turbo Grafx (no outer cardboard boxes)
    1. Avenue Pad 3 x3
    2. Choaniki (Super Big Brother) This is *not* the homosexual game (mint w/spine)
    3. Coryoon (mint)
    4. Exile US (near mint)
    5. Exile Wicked Phenomenon US (mint)
    6. Final Soldier (mint)
    7. Gate of Thunder (mint w/spine and reg)
    8. Gotzendiener (mint w/spine and reg)
    9. Gunhed (mint)
    10. Last Alert US (near mint but wrinkling in bottom corner of manual)
    11. Psychic Storm (new)
    12. Sapphire (new)
    13. Soldier Blade (mint)
    14. Solid Force (new no shrinkwrap)
    15. Steam Hearts (mint w/spine and reg)
    16. Super Star Soldier (nm/mint)
    17. Tatsujin (mint)
    18. Valis
    19. Valis II US (nm/mint)
    20. Valis III US (mint)
    21. Violent Soldier (mint)
    22. Winds of Thunder
    23. Ys I&II US (new no shrink)
    24. Ys III US (mint)

    Super Grafx
    1. Super Grafx System (nm/mint in box)
    2. Gran Zort (mint)

    1. Jet Black Controller US (new but not boxed)
    2. Official Component lead US (new no box)
    3. Official SVideo lead US (new no box and can be used on N64)
    4. Beach Spikers (new)
    5. Hunter the Reckoning US (new no shrinkwrap)
    6. Luigi’s Mansion US (new no shrinkwrap)
    7. Space Raiders (new)
    8. Super Mario Sunshine US (new no shrinkwrap)
    9. Wave Race (new)

    1. Bloodrayne US (new)
    2. Buffy US (new)
    3. DOA XBV with Picture Book (new)
    4. Max Payne US (new)
    5. Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance US (new)
    6. Panzer Dragoon Orta LE (new no shrinkwrap)
    7. Shikigami No Shiro Evolution RED (new no shrinkwrap)
    8. The Thing US (new)

    1. Memory Card US (mint)
    2. Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance US (mint)
    3. Contra: Shattered Soldier US (new no shrink)
    4. Deus EX US (new no shrink)
    5. Devil May Cry US (new no shrink)
    6. Escape from Monkey Island US (new no shrink)
    7. Gradius III/IV (near mint)
    8. Gungrave SE (new no shrink)
    9. Ico US (new no shrink)
    10. Klonoa 2 US (new no shrink)
    11. Mina No Golf 3 (mint)
    12. Mister Mosquito US (new no shrink)
    13. No One lives Forever US (mint)
    14. Silpheed US (new no shrink)
    15. Suikoden III US (new no shrinkwrap)
    16. Virtua Cop Rebirth (new no shrinkwrap) & Guncon 2.0 Black (new)
    17. Wipeout Fusion US (new no shrink)

    1. Castlevania: Circle of the Moon US (new no shrink)
    2. Castlvania: Harmony of Dissonance US (new)
    3. F Zero (new)
    4. Final Fight One (mint)
    5. Kirby Fountain of Dreams (new)
    6. Klonoa US (new no shrink)
    7. Mario Advance 2 (new)
    8. Mario Advance 3 Yoshi (new)
    9. Mario Kart Advance (new)
    10. Pinball of the Dead (new)
    11. Puyo Puyo (new)
    12. Rayman Advance US (new no shrink)
    13. Sonic Advance (new)
    14. Sonic Advance 2 (new)
    15. Tetris DX US (new no shrink)
    16. Wario Land 4 (new)

    Soundtracks (these are ALL *original* JP or US releases – NO HK bootlegs)
    1. Azel Panxer Dragoon RPG Memorial Album (new no shrink)
    2. Burning Rangers Mini CD (mint)
    3. Castlevania (SFC and GB soundtracks with Belmont and whip in picture) (new no shrink)
    4. Castlevania SOTN (new no shrink)
    5. Cowboy Bebop Blue (Son May HK Bootleg)
    6. Cowboy Bebop Knockin on Heaven’s Door (new no shrink)
    7. Cowboy Bebop LE CD set (new)
    8. Diablo II US (new)
    9. Dracula X (duble CD with big X on it and rose) (new no shrink)
    10. Panzer Dragoon (mint w/spine)
    11. Panzer Dragoon Orta (new no shrink)
    12. Pool of Radiance US (new)
    13. Robotech Perfect Soundtrack Album US (new no shrink)

    1. 1 ft high clone trooper figurine only released in JP (email for pic-mint)
    2. DOA XBV Official Playing Cards x4 (new)
    3. Macross VF-1A Toys R US Exclusive model (new but seal broken)
    4. Making of Halo DVD (new no shrink)
    5. Sonic laser cut crystal (new)

    1. Donkey Kong 64 US N64 Nintendo Power (new)
    2. Luigi’s Mansion US GC Nintendo Power(nm)

    DVD (All Region 1 North America English unless noted)
    1. 48 Hours (new no shrink)
    2. Akira Special Edition (new no shrink)
    3. Avia Setup Disc (new no shrink)
    4. Battle Angel Gunnm (new no shrink)
    5. Bedazzled (new no shrink)
    6. Blow (new no shrink)
    7. Braveheart (new no shrink)
    8. Citizen Kane SE (new no shrink)
    9. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon SUPERBIT (new no shrink)
    10. Diablo 2 Cinematics (new no shrink)
    11. Empire of the Ants (mint)
    12. Gattaca SUPERBIT (new no shrink)
    13. Gia (new no shrink)
    14. I’m Gonna Git You Sucka (new no shrink)
    15. Iron Monkey (new no shrink
    16. Jin Roh SE (new)
    17. Legends of the Fall (new no shrink)
    18. Macross Animego BOX *only* If for some reason you purchased the DVDs separately (nm/mint)
    19. Macross DYRL (HK Region 0 – plays in all DVD players – ENGLISH subtitles)
    20. Macross Plus Parts 1+2 (new no shrink)
    21. Ninja Resurrection (new)
    22. Romeo Must Die (new no shrink)
    23. Ronin (new no shrink)
    24. Search for the Snow Leopard (new-XXX)
    25. She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (new no shrink)
    26. Spriggan (new)
    27. The 50 Years War: Israel and the Arabs (new no shrink)
    28. The Fast and the Furious (new no shrink)
    29. The Fifth Element SUPERBIT (new no shrink)
    30. The Godfather DVD Collection (mint)
    31. Tomb Raider (new no shrink)
    32. Traffic (new no shrink)
    33. Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust (new no shrink)

  9. #9
    Ugh!! Why did I have to buy a PC THIS weekend!! I need money!! You're list has me salivating!

    53. Quackshot (mint)
    I'll give you a $10 dollar gamestop gift certificate for it, from Nick to me to you!! I don't even know what it is, but it's called "Quackshot"!

  10. How much do you want for these?

    3. Hybrid Heaven US (new no shrink)
    4. Jet Force Gemini US (new no shrink)
    5. Nuclear Stike 64 US (mint)
    6. Paper Mario 64 US (mint)
    7. Space Station Silicon Valley US (mint)

    prices for each would be nice (Also if you oculd, price for it as a package). Thanks.


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