I still have this for sale--anyone interested...

3) A 3DO (model FZ-10--second version/top loader w/gray casing) with a bunch of games—

1)Creature Shock (in box/no inst.)
2)Total Eclipse (in generic CD case)
3)Killing Time in CD case (missing front insert)
4)Hell (in CD case w/ inserts)
5)Alone in the Dark 1 & 2 (in CD cases w/inserts)
6)Braindead 13 (in cardboard sleeves)
7)Robinson's Requiem (loose CD)
8) Myst (in generic CD case)
9)Wing Commander 3 (in cardboard box/no instr.)

The system is is good condition and I cleaned it recently so it looks spiffy. The games are all used...I got the entire package at a pawn shop a while back, though they all work fine--I tested each one when I got it and have kept it stored well since (and I can retest if needed).

It comes w/ 1 Goldstar 3-button controller and power cable and I can throw in a generic composite A/V cable if needed...

So make me an offer here or through PM...

I prefer M.O. or I will gladly trade!

Let me know if you are interested.