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Thread: Shiri: Amazing New Korean Film

  1. Shiri: Amazing New Korean Film

    Well it's not exactly new, but it's new on DVD. Thanks to Columbia-Tristar, who have been bringing over a lot of foreign films lately, we get to see this brilliant Korean action film. This is only the second Korean film I have seen (Bichunmoo being the first) and so far I am impressed.

    The basic premise is the conflict between the North and the South and a group of special military from the North attempting to start a war by taking out the leaders of both countries when they meet at a soccer game between the two countries.

    The heros are two special agents of South Korea who have been tracking one of the group's members, Hee, for some time. She's the woman that's on the cover of the DVD. She's a skilled sniper.

    The film is violent and beautiful--something Hollywood still hasn't been able to accomplish. The film is very powerful and interesting, with an interesting plot and good cinematography. It's amazing how Asian films are able to use violence as a backdrop for producing really well-developed characters that the viewer can get attached too. This where I think Hollywood fails a lot of times. If it's an action movie, it's void of good characters. This film has both.

    I highly recommend this film. It has a nice twist to it and I rented it from Blockbuster, so it may be available in your areas as well. The DVD has both English and Korean languages and has an excellent quality, widescree picture and good sound quality (though I can't test it for Digital sound).
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  2. Glad you finally watched it I've been recomending it to many people, and had a review posted on the old TNL a while ago. Its an excellent action film, shoot-outs are fun, violent and feroucius. I also liked romantic aspects of it.

    Funny thing is that, soo many people call Shiri, too much Hollywood wanna be, and not very original. Sure the premise of spies and terrorists is not a new one, but the execution was great. I have Koren special edition dvd of it, but I heard that Columbia dvd has excelelent picture, and not cut in any way. Great job Columbia, I hope they will bring more Korian cinema to US.

  3. Here are two more recent Korean films that I reccomend to fans to see:

    MUSA(Warrior) an excellent war movie. Excellent acting, serious storyline, brutal action, and attention to detail (costumes, weapon, characters speaking in their own languages and language barrier between the Korean and Chinese, realistic fight scenes). Zhang Ziyi playing Chinese princess, and she is very good in her role. She has no fighing scenes, but she plays her character pretty good. Korean 2 disk DVD of recently came out, the film quality is excellent, it has many extras, but Region 3 coded. So if you are able to play Region 3 dvd, pick this film, it really worth it.

    I also posted my review of My Wife is a Gangster on old TNL boards awhile ago. Its any action/comedy, which has some great fighting scenes, some interesting characters, and good direction. Here is the link to review of it on KFC site:

    Best part of it, that eventhough box says its Region 3, its actually Region 0, so everyone can play this dvd set on any of US dvd players.

  4. I have two korean movies downloaded but dont have english subtitles and I don't know korean(yet):
    -Guns N' Talks
    -My Sassy Girl

    Korean cinema does seem to be 'up there' so to speak as I have only heard good things about korean movies
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  5. I'm really interested in Guns & Talks. Its more of action/comedy than straigh action film, but I heard its pretty good. Its out on DVD in Korea, and I can get it, but since its coded Region 3, I cant play it at the moment

  6. Originally posted by Despair
    Funny thing is that, soo many people call Shiri, too much Hollywood wanna be, and not very original.
    I'm one of em
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