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Thread: Idea for Haul threads

  1. Idea for Haul threads

    Since I've been here, damn near every week there has been a "This Week's Haul" for the week. They don't really crowd the board, but I was thinking maybe make a thread for that week stickied or "Important" then lock it after the week is up and start again? Or if anybody else has any ideas I'm sure there are more options.

  2. The option is...that we aren't going to make them a sticky thread. you should address it to those that create them. it doesn't bother me one bit. personally, I am not interested in making those sticky threads.

    Edit: give me some time to think it over, I can honestly say that today I am not in the position to make a management decision on this right now.

  3. Okie Dokie. Not a big deal, don't mind the ramblings of me at 2am

  4. I like to post haul threads and will do so if no one's posted them yet.

    A sticky or important haul thread would be cool. Most people seem to like them and I'm sure they'd get used.


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