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Thread: CVS2 thread?

  1. CVS2 thread?

    The CVS2 thread in the online gaming section has vanished.

    Where did it go?

  2. it moved to a new board

  3. Look and ye shall find... Or, more obviously, look in the online forum for the sub-forum titled Capcom vs. SNK 2: EO.

  4. I tried, told me I didn't have permission.

    Oh well, its working now. Nevermind.

  5. it wasn't officially open just yet.

  6. I still dont see the Virtua Fighter Evo Thread.....
    where is it?

  7. hush up. that game is for losers.

    at least learn GGX2 or Alpha... VF, what's that?


  8. Why does CvS2 EO get it's own board, when plenty of other online games haven't? Like, WarCraft III and MechAssault, for instance?

    edit: Not like there's enough interest here, anyway, I'd gather, but I'm just curious what makes the distinction.

  9. Because those games suck. CVS2, however, does not suck, and a lot of TNLers actively compete in it. Including the Administrator of the webpage.

    Actually I think that last part has a lot more to do with it than anything else...

  10. To each their own in regards to what "sucks", I suppose. However, even the people who like CvS2 rarely seem to think it's great...simply just the best fighter they can play online right now. They almost universally agree they'd rather be playing something else if *it* was offered online.

    I guess it's redundant, anyway, since there's entire sites and forums dedicated to WC3, so another board here isn't going to make a difference.

    -and: Well, that's what I figured. I just wanted to hear him say it.


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