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Thread: Acclaim being sued by Dave Mira

  1. Acclaim being sued by Dave Mira

    From Magic Box:

    The BMX star Dave Mirra has filed a lawsuit against Acclaim Entertainment, claiming a US$21 million compensation for abusing his name and image to market the company's another BMX sports game BMX XXX.
    Hopefully he'll win and Acclaim will be wiped from the face of the earth.

  2. Whoops...

  3. Well, well, well! Isn't your face RED Actually that's orange-red. But you get the drift.

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    Anyhoo. I didn't know they actually USED his trademarks and image within the actual title! I thought he informed them to take them out as to not tarnish his image or whatnot. If they did it without his consent then it's a good thing! If not then he's a bastard.

    Either way Acclaim could be done for. Which isn't good for an industry but it's good for us gamers! YEEEHAAWW!!!

    p.s. But it's all the way on page THREE! It might aswell be on page 3 MILLION. *groan*
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  4. That post was gold... I think.

    Dave Mirra is my favorite person ever.

  5. I never read the other thread, so I'll post my veiw here. This was a Dave Mirra game, until his agents told him it would'nt be a good idea to have his name associated with such a game. I can't see him winning in court, if Acclaim has signed contracts with him, for the game.

  6. I want some of that pineapple. Dave Mirra sure is a fucked up case. I don't understand what made him suddenly change his mind from when Acclaim asked him if he wanted to lend his name to the game. If he agreed in the first place I have no idea why he'd turn around and change his mind so suddenly. If it's just for his image than I think that's pathtiec because he is just bowing to others pressure and not staying true to himself.
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  7. i think choosing not to be in a game that will turn out to be shitty and drag its associates and standards of decency down with it is being pretty damn true to yourself.
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  8. His choice to yank his name from the game, but I think a lawsuit is kind of silly. First he decided to be in, then he decided to be out. He made his choices and doesn't get to sue.

    I hope Acclaim kicks his sorry ass in court, and I hate to say that.


  9. Odds are, Acclaim will win the suit.
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