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Thread: "Celebrity" matchup - Bahn hits Xbox Live

  1. I'm so excited...!

    Wait, that's just gas.

  2. I had fun playing all of you guys earlier this morning.

    Andy, I especially enjoyed playing your signature Shoto team. Chux, that's a fun Maki you have going there. NGE, keep on playin, practice. Glad to see you're having fun and a great sport unlike some of the MANY sore losers which are being reported throughout the net.

    Korly, I tried to get in touch with you but it seemed we kept missing each other. Wish I could've played 88...

    Got a good amount of game playing with TNL and non-TNL members. A few matches which had lag, but nothing major. I will be elaborating briefly about this and steps to "nicely" alleviate this within my upcoming review. Another upcoming CVS2 battle with yours truly will be "announced" again soon. Good games everyone!

    So how did you guys enjoy our matches last night, comments?

  3. Eh, it was ok, but as I play the TNL and other, non n00b players online, I'm really itching for a convertor/joystick. Half the time I'm trying for a super and a normal move that gets me killed comes out, or vice versa, when I'm trying to pull off a normal move and a super comes out. VERY agrevating, it would also help if my Xbox controller would chose to see downleft and downright so I have a chance against Cammy/Hibiki players

    All in all I'm having fun, I was on earlier today with some guy I met via quickmatch, we threw down for 15 or so matches before I decided it was best for me to try and get some sleep (and attempt to stay at .500, eep!), which I'm not really sleepy yet :/ but I guess he sent me a buddy request, which I accepted. (I've also gotten 5+ buddy requests since logging onto CvS2 without playing people. I'm wondering if it has to do with me being on

  4. What are you using again? You were playing pretty decent in my opinion. I am willing to guess most are actually using pads or custom made sticks.

    The S controller and stock pad's D-pad designs respectively aren't quite what I'd recommend to anyone for fighting games, especially when playing online. These pads do of course work, but it's a matter of adjusting to it. I had the pleasure of using a classic Saturn stick (which hasn't been touched in months), but it did the job.

    I really would have loved to play more, but it was time for me to head back to my hometown. Tomorrow is another day and very soon, I will be on regularly. If I knew exactly what town Werewolf was in, I'd hook up with him to play against you guys. Wonder who else is in the CT area?

  5. I use the good ol' hamburger controller. The D-Pad is absolutley horrendous on it, so I use the thumbstick

    I would have much rather had a saturn stick ^_^

    Does it add any lag with controller convertors or is it all connection based?

  6. Hmm cool. I'm looking forward to challenging you

  7. missed the opportunity the other night. I will be back on soon though. sooner than later, hopefully...

    NGE: controllers aren't a factor for lag. A person's ISP and the fact this is a fighting game however is...

  8. I am trying so hard to get with the program, but sadly all the live kits are bought up. I'm hoping by the weekend I'll have something working.

    In the meantime, I'll be getting some practice. I'm tinkering with some cool ideas for custom colors so I hope you like my handywork.
    don't wanna tangle with you, I'd rather tangle with him.
    I think I'm gonna bash his head in...

  9. Originally posted by bahn
    If I knew exactly what town Werewolf was in, I'd hook up with him to play against you guys. Wonder who else is in the CT area?
    I live in Derby Connecticut, it's near the New Haven area between Orange and Seymour

    If you want to hook up some time let me know, I work a lot during the week but I usually have most of the weekend free. Your welcome any time

  10. me sometime then. New Haven isn't really far from New London IIRC

    I can pm you my number...I am working this weekend, but I am off Thurs!


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