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Thread: Brand New Dreamcast Games for Trade

  1. Brand New Dreamcast Games for Trade

    (Edit - All Games Are New/Shrinkwrapped)

    U.S. Games:

    Crazy Taxi 2
    Unreal Tournament
    Typing of the Dead
    Record of Lodoss War
    Dead or Alive 2
    Jet Grind Radio
    Soldier of Fortune
    Dragon Riders of Pern
    Floigan Brothers
    Reel Fishing
    Stupid Invaders
    Mars Matrix

    Japanese Games:

    Zero Gunner 2
    Vampire Chronicles

    Inquiries, trade lists, etc... to:

    Thanks for looking

  2. Damn, almost all really good (Some, so I hear) games... I'm sure they'll be too expensive for me. ^_^

    The ones I'm most interested in are:

    Typing of the Dead
    Soldier of Fortune
    Zero Gunner 2 (Haha, definitely wouldn't have the cash for this. ^_^)

    And these I want, but slightly less:
    Dead or Alive 2
    Mars Matrix

    If you had prices In mind for the ones I listed... I may be able to buy one or two. I'd offer first, but I'm not real sure of the going rate on most of these (Though I think I have a slight Idea. And I also have a tendency to offer WAY to low... and usually spoils the deals as soon as I say my opening offer. :P). Thanks.


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