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Thread: WTB Total Control 3 dreamcast adapter

  1. WTB Total Control 3 dreamcast adapter

    or any other adapter that will let me use my Saturn pad on my DC. if you have one of these magical devices for sale, please let me know

  2. I have one. allows PS/2, PSX and Saturn controllers. PM me if your interested, just shoot me out a $ offer.

  3. yeah, i am interested. you looking for any games? (as in a trade) or cash only? and i don't know how much to offer, what brand is it? is it the TC3?

  4. If you want to trade i'm ok with that, i'd rather trade than sell in most cases anyway.

    If you have any gameboy or psx games you think wanna trade lemme know.

  5. i will shoot you a PM or e-mail if i still have your address


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