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Thread: Laser Discs for Trade/Sale (Good Films)

  1. Laser Discs for Trade/Sale (Good Films)

    The Usual Suspects
    The Secret of Nimh (Ralph Bakshi)
    City of Angels
    The Crow
    Close Encounters (Special Edition)
    Blade Runner (Director's Cut)
    Independence Day
    Batman & Robin
    Terminator 2 (Special Edition)

    All are widescreen, all are in good shape, all are cheap. I'd MUCH rather trade or sell them here to someone who will use them than to flog them on ebay, please make offers. =)

    There might be a Black Rain for sale too, I don't know yet.

    Edit - I'm selling these because I have them on DVD also.

  2. Follow up: These have gone on EvilBay, so they're off the table.


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