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Thread: UPDATE: White Japanese Sega Saturn and DVD Set

  1. UPDATE: White Japanese Sega Saturn and DVD Set

    I don't play this anymore so I have decided to sell it. I am not selling it individually, but as one big package. I will take reasonable offers only. Used white saturns typically start around $100 ($90 + Shipping here ) and I've seen one on ebay go up to over $300. If I were able to use Ebay I would put it on there, but I can't so I'm going to just take the highest reasonable price for the entire package. Shipping will be around $40-$50 (It was about $25 just for the saturn when I bought it). Ok, now here is everything that I have for it.

    All games have their manuals and spine cards. All discs are in very good shape and some have a few minor scratches. If you would like more detailed information or pictures on any of the items in this package please IM me on AIM, PM me on here, or email me at

    1 White Japanese Saturn
    2 Official White Sega Controllers
    1 Offical Japanese Sega Memory Card
    Fighting Vipers
    Golden Axe The Duel
    Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty
    Sega Rally Championship
    Shin Shinobi Den
    Virtua Fighter 2

    Please, only make SERIOUS offers. I have traded with a few people here that you can see my feedback from and quite a few on Neomega too. I let this go for quite a while just to see what offers I will get unless I get one that is too good to resist and then I will sell it. Thanks for looking.

    UPDATE: I also have The Simpsons Season 1 and 2. All discs are in great condition. I'm looking for $50 shipped for both of these. I might break it up, but would prefer to sell them together.

  2. Is there no one even remotely interested?

  3. Well, Cloud, since no one else's posted anything I guess I will. Mind taking a look at my GTZ list and tell me if anything fancies your tickle?
    omg TNL epics!

  4. the only one i would be slightly interested in is Magic Knight Rayearth. I would really prefer to sell it though...I have gotten one offer through PM though for $150

  5. I added the simpsons seasons...still accepting more offers on the saturn if anyone is interested in purchasing it from me...

  6. Well...doesn't seem like anyone is interested really, but someone might not have seen it yet. I just got an offer for $200 shipped but it is still if I don't get a better offer before he can buy it. That is what he said so I'm still taking other offers on it.


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