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Thread: GameCube up for grabs... Complete, great condition...

  1. GameCube up for grabs... Complete, great condition...

    Yea.. AGAIN.

    Well, I really think I should let it go...

    So.. One Jet Black GameCube with ALL packaging... great condition... And one memory card... I'd say $180 shipped is fair... or maybe we can work something out...

    If you want Rouge Leader, I will sell everything for $200 shipped.


  2. I can compromise, too...

    Shoot me some offers... Maybe you have somethng you are looking to get rid of...?

  3. i have a Saturn package, as well as an Sega Master System package up for grabs, anything you looking for? i have import/domestic DC games, PSone with games, GBA, GBC, GameGear.

  4. It looks like a got a deal (on GTZ).. $175 for my system and the memory card...

    Sorry, plik!


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