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Thread: Someone is mucking about

  1. Someone is mucking about

    Someone just went into my signature, deleted the images, and replaced them with "image not found".

    Thanks a lot... thats cool.

  2. ... I see images.

  3. Maybe it was the host of your images?

  4. The host of the images can alter the text in my signature? And even use forum tags for italics?
    Thats fairly impressive.

    Originally posted by cka
    ... I see images.
    Thats because I put them back.

  5. why would someone want to tinker with your images 88, they're only .gifs?

  6. Someone also tinkered with Chux' stuff too, apparantly.
    Perhaps we have a m4s74r h4><0r!!!!!!!11111111 OMG!!!!!11
    Is there any way to trace IPs or something for this shit?

  7. Perhaps Bahn was sleep-modding?

    In any case, I apologize...I may have removed them due to the x's showing up (I remember doing that before with some perons' account). Sorry for not sending you a heads up. Btw 88, in your last msg, I was actually asking for your AIM name so that I could arrange a time to play you which MIGHT be today!!! ^_^

  8. cool

    so that's your team? nice - and you've got some nice avatars. we must discuss your collection of gifs!!!!! I like to collect them.

  9. /me notices his sig text mysteriously shrunk
    Quote Originally Posted by Yoshi View Post
    burgundy is the only conceivable choice.
    Quote Originally Posted by Drewbacca View Post
    I have an Alcatraz-style all-star butthole.


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