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Thread: For Sale: Progear no Arashi [CPS2/JAMMA]

  1. For Sale: Progear no Arashi [CPS2/JAMMA]

    This is the Asian/grey version of Storm of Progear/Progear no Arashi. Board is in fine working condition with a battery that was changed, by my count, around 10 months ago. Flyers/inlays are not originals but color photocopies. Feel free to ask any questions you might have.

    310 USD shipped to anywhere in Canada or the US. I can be reached at or through PMs.

  2. I think Click is about to wet himself over this one.

  3. Originally posted by ShineAqua
    I think Click is about to wet himself over this one.
    That's about right.

    I MUST find a way...

  4. I'm temoted myself but I'd hafta get a cab to play it on and i'm too poor to even consider it

  5. Must... not... buy...

  6. Originally posted by 88mph
    Must... not... buy...
    Don't worry. It's too late, if you catch my obvious drift.

  7. He has no made no mention of it being sold yet. Thus we can conclude that you're lying. I'm still fighting off the urge to buy something I can't afford.

  8. It's sold.

  9. Thank God.


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