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Thread: A Bigass PS2 package

  1. A Bigass PS2 package

    A guy I know from work asked me to see if I could scare up any buyers for him on his PS2 stuff, here is the e-mail he sent me listing his stuff...

    i want to sell my ps2 and allstar baseball 2003, bond 007 nightfire, hitman2, dave mirra freestyle bmx2, march madness 2003, tiger woods 2003, medal of honor frontline, ncaa football 2003, max payne, metal gear solid, nhl 2002, 3 memory cards(which includes 1 mega memory card) all for the price of it is are 30 a piece and the ps2 console is 130 its only 5 months old.......and now ad on socom navy seals and an online adapter

    It's not a bad package, and he keeps all of his stuff in excellent condition (he trades stuff in at my Babbages all the time). If you have any questions, PM me, email me, or better yet email him

  2. /me bumps it up...


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