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Thread: Stuff for sale version 1.5

  1. Stuff for sale version 1.5

    I thought I would throw a few things up here while I am compiling the huge list of doom.

    As always, you make offers... I don't list prices.

    I accept cash, check, money order, and paypal. Although If you pay paypal you will be covering the fees, not me.

    Steel Battalion 100% new and factory sealed. Act fast... I will not hold this.

    Skies of Arcadia (2 copies) 100% new and factory sealed.
    Sonic Adventure, manual is in French for some reason... I blame Canada. 100% mint.

    Thats it for now... Keep an eye out for the next big list.

  2. Damn you... someone buy something.

  3. I'd buy steel batallion but I need all my major organs.

    Any other Genesis games for sale?

  4. Not at the moment... I did recieve your paymant today. Your items will be shipped by the end of the week.

  5. 88, I'm VERY interested in the Steel Battalion but don't think I could afford to buy it straight-up. Would you consider a trade or combination trade/cash? If so, please take a look at my list here and tell me if anything catches your eye.

    I also have a bunch more recent stuff for PS2, GC, X-Box, and GBA that isn't listed, if you're looking for anything next-gen. Just lemme know whatever it is you're looking for
    omg TNL epics!


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