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Thread: Traders and Traitors 3rd edition (08-27-2003)

  1. Traders and Traitors 3rd edition (08-27-2003)

    Trade/Buy/Sell (without worries):

    Matt: Great Prices, Fast Shipping, Good Packing, Good Condition.
    An all arround cool guy who's easy to deal with.

    TobalRox: Good Prices, Fast Shipping, Great Packing, Excellent Condition (as promised.)
    I'll also add that he's a patient seller, thanks again.

    omfgninjas: Great Prices, Fast Shipping, Great Packing, Excellent Condition (as promised.)
    Kept me upto date on every aspect of the transaction. He actually apologized for taking an extra day to ship my package . He's an A+ seller.

    Seven Force: Great Prices, Fast Shipping (he shipped product before I sent him payment,) Passable Packing, Decent Condition.
    I love this guy, he's definately one to look for when you want to aquire Jap. only items. My only complaint is about the packaging, when the item got to my door one of the buttons broke off and was jumping arround on the inside of the board. I removed it but better packing would've prevented this. Still he gets an A for rocking so hard. Buy his stuff now!

    Trade/Buy/Sell (with nominal reservations):

    88mph: Good Prices, Good Packing, Condition as Promised.
    My only complaint is that he doesn't communicate well enough, which is instrumental when things go wrong. Yes, what initially went wrong here wasn't his fault but it was his lack of communication that made it all the more unbarable. I did eventually get my stuff with an extra or two or three or four thrown in (which was awesome but not neccesary, I was just happy getting the stuff at the price I got it at.) Deal with 88 cus he's got an excellent reputation but ask for UPS shipping so you can track the package.

    Stay the hell away form:

    Me: I'll steal your soul.

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    I'll steal your soul.
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