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Thread: Guns & Talks - New Korean Action/Comedy

  1. Guns & Talks - New Korean Action/Comedy

    Well, Once again I'm here to preview another of the latest films from Korea. Check out this review from KFC site:

    I'm unfortunately haven't seen this film yet , but read many positive reviews its getting. Its available on dvd right now, but since its Region 3 coded, I have no means to play it at this time, but once I get that Region Free player later this year, I will be getting it for sure.

    So if you interested in new Korean cinema, and able to play the disks from other regions, give this film a try.

  2. Nice poster!!!

    The title sounds like A bad translation though.


  3. *sigh* If I only had subtitles....
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  4. thanks Despair. I can always count on you on this sort of stuff.

    I'll check this movie out soon
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