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Thread: My impressions of Read or Die

  1. My impressions of Read or Die

    Well, I ordered it a while ago, and completely forgot about it. Was I pleasantly surprised, to see it in my mail box, when I got home lst night. So, later at night, I started watching it.

    What can I say. I liked it alot. Animation is excellent. I liked character designs, from nerdy but cute The Paper, and tough and sexy Miss Deep, to bad guy castings. The electric samurai, and staff fighting monk were the coolest. Everything is very detailed, action scenes are greatly animated and fun.

    Talking about action, I like characters special powers, and they were presented great during the action scenes. From using paper to make sword, or giant paper planes, to going through matter, and ripping your enemy heart from their chest

    I enjoyed Bondish plot, with secret agents of UK Library force , fighting global evil. It presented some global adventures on the grand scale. It even had mega-maniacal evil leader bent on the destruction of mankind that had to be stopped at any cost

    It will be coming to US sometime this year, eventhough the date havent been set yet. As for now there is a choice of HK dvd of it, that has all 3 OVA episodes on it. I heard that the quality is very good, and subs not bad either. Check out Ebay for more detailes.

    I had fun watching ROD, and reccomending it to all Anime fans.

  2. Cool series overall, just a warning to those who haven't seen it yet: the third episode is pretty graphic (the "Suicide Song" sequence may make you cringe).

  3. I agree, that suicide part, was totally unexpected, but cool.

  4. I just watched the first ep and was greatly impressed.

  5. By the end of this year? Despair, Manga's got it. It won't be coming out til 2005 or later. ^_^


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