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Thread: Melf's crappy SNES sale

  1. Melf's crappy SNES sale

    I recently came into some SNES games from a video store that closed and decided to let TNL'ers have first crack at them. Granted, there's no Chrono Trigger or Earthbound here (if there were, you think I'd sell them??) but someone may be interested nonetheless.

    All games have their original box but lack instructions. I'm asking $8 shipped each.

    - Tetris Attack Awaiting Payment

    Should the planets align and anyone be interested, post here or PM me.


    Well, I decided to see what I could get for trade in and took them to Gamestop. I got almost $40 in all, which isn't bad, considering the games they were and what they cost me (nothing).

  2. That is mostly crap, but I'll take the Tetris Attack. Take paypal?

  3. Sorry, I can't do Paypal.

    I do gladly accept money orders though.

  4. Ok. PM your address and stuff and I'll get it in the mail.

  5. Check your PMs.

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    Actually War of the Gems is a pretty good game and the best of the bunch if your into Marvel.


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