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Thread: FFX-2 Music Video!!

  1. FFX-2 Music Video!!

    This is interesting. I wonder if there are alot of Music Videos out for Videogames in Japan. I wouldn't be surprised. It seems that Square is going all out into making Yuna a Pop Star! I must say that the CG scenes are looking Amazing. I think the Final Fantasy Purists are going to screem bloody murder when they see this though. I am a bit worried that Square is taking this whole "Yuna as Pop Star" a bit too far. I am curious as to how this whole thing is going to be incorporated with the story, hopefully it will be a small part. Heh, maybe this is like what Blitzball was for Tidus. Also, I wonder if Square is going to translate and rework the song for the US audience...I can see the cover box now..."Includes Hit Song from Brittany Spears!!"

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  2. thanks for the link. i don't don't visit ign anymore so i wouldn't have known about it.

    the singer is hot.

  3. she's alright.
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  4. Heh, maybe this is like what Blitzball was for Tidus.
    You sadistic bastard.


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