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Thread: Huge avatars?

  1. Huge avatars?

    Damn, how do some people have absolutely gigantic avatars, like 160x160 huge? They look positively fugly
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  2. A glitch, perhaps?

    Holy hell, those look bad. Who wants to scroll 60% more because someone else wants a REALLY big picture of Sabretooth?

  3. Hideous. The avatars have risen to take control of the forum.

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  4. Aren't these larger than the supposed size limit?

  5. And speaking of large sigs...

  6. Nick: I was too busy to address this the other day, but unfortunately, the maximum setting from the default parameter allows for that.

    Anyone who has an image larger than 160x100 must resize it immediately!

  7. Damn you Korly and those other guys, damn you to hell.

  8. korly changed his.

  9. Yeah. I woulda done it sooner, but I changed it right before I went to work, so I couldn't resize it until I got home.


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