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Thread: Waves goodbye to Radiant Silvergun at long last...

  1. Waves goodbye to Radiant Silvergun at long last...

    Delayed auction starts at 9:00 AM on March 6, 2003.

    I don't expect any of you to bid, I would hope you all have better sense than that, but I am sharing it here all the same.

  2. You should take a picture of what you're selling. People like to look at pictures, it makes them spend more money.
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    No one uses sigs.

  3. I'm more impressed with the Maracas. =D

  4. 88: Pshaw, I could take a picture, but with my shitty digital camera - that I got for free when I signed up for earthlink 3 years ago - no details at all would be visible. It'd be a little black blurry square. Kind of a waste, though I do agree with pictures getting people to bid more. I usually do have pics for my auctions.

    Haohmaru: I actually bought both of my maraca pairs from VGD in Spring 2000. $70 a pair, IIRC.

    I hate to sell them, however, I need the $$$.

  5. I got $175 for mine... I had pictures

  6. I hate you.


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