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Thread: Genny 2 and Sega CD Top-Loader

  1. Genny 2 and Sega CD Top-Loader

    Looking to unload a like-new Sega Genesis 2 (boxed w/ manual, original 3-button controller and necessary hookups) and a top-loading Sega CD** (boxed w/ manual, Sewer Shark and necessary hookups). The Sega CD has some conspicuous scuff marks on its exterior, but is otherwise in great condition.

    I'd prefer to sell both together as a package, but I may be willing let 'em go individually if it'd be worth my while to do so. Now, I've an idea of what I'd like to get for them, but first I'd like for those that are interested to PM me with an offer or eMail me at (we'll figure out the P&P cost and all that jazz after I've accepted the offer). Also, while the Genny and Sega CD worked great the last time I used them, they have been sitting in their boxes for the past few months and are being sold as is. Lastly, PayPal is preferred, but I also accept money orders and personal checks - in that order.

    **Whether sold together with the Genesis 2 or by itself, I'll throw in a copy of Vay (disc is "excellent," manual is "good," map and case are "poor," no foam insert) along with the Sega CD. If sold together, I'll also include a copy of Prince of Persia (disc is "good," manual is "good," box and jewel case are both better than "poor," but not quite "good"; they both have a sticky residue on them).


    ...because without the bitter, baby, the sweet ain't as sweet.

  2. Figured I'd give it about a week, if there were no takers, before laying down my asking price. No one's shown any interest, so; $100 for the both or $50 separately. I'll include both games with the Sega CD regardless of how it's sold.

    ...because without the bitter, baby, the sweet ain't as sweet.

  3. Holy blue fuck... I just sold a Sega CD for five bucks today.

    Time to raise my prices.

  4. A hundred bucks for a Genny/Sega CD combo that's not guaranteed to work is going to sit in your room(s) for quite some time. I'm not being an asshole, that's just realty.

  5. Id pay maybe 50 for both...100 is just outrageous.
    your mom

  6. Originally posted by Mman
    Id pay maybe 50 for both...100 is just outrageous.

  7. Maybe $50 for BOTH!? THAT's crazy. The Genesis 2 is basically new, I bought it new (from these guys), and only played it briefly to test it out and make sure that it worked. I paid more than $50 for it alone a while back (probably well over a year ago, now), and you'd be hard pressed to find the system in this condition - boxed w/ everything - very often anymore. The Sega CD is in fantastic condition as well, a few surface scuffs notwithstanding (how I got it), and is also boxed w/ everything. I also probably paid somewhere between $50 and $60 (most likely after shipping) for it around the time that I got it, which was the going price on eBay at the time.

    I'm not out to rip anyone off... if I'm anything I'm honest. Both worked perfectly fine the last time that I used them (about three months ago), but I didn't want to have to unpack them, put them together, and power them up just to make sure that they're still working. I'd be willing to put money on the fact that they still are, but I suppose I should've tested them again before posting this thread... and I will if there's any interest.

    As for the games that I'm throwing in, I probably paid between $30 and $40 for Vay and maybe around $10 or $20 for Prince of Persia. I admit that it was a long time ago when older systems and games were going for a much higher premium than they are now, but, nonetheless, I'll be taking a substantial hit by just giving them away, when I could easily recoup $20 for the two of them and at least get some of my money back.

    Mine kills the condition of either of these two:

    We'll see how this one goes...

    This is the condition I got mine in, though I didn't pay as much, even after shipping (I don't think, I honestly don't quite remember)...

    Holy blue fuck... I just sold a Sega CD for five bucks today
    Though I doubt it was in the same condition as mine, you might as well have given it away at that price. I value mine more.

    Anyway, I know that I can easily get this, I believe, very reasonable asking price on eBay, but figured I'd give you guys first dibs, thus I'd be more likely to get these into the hands of someone who'd appreciate them. My offer will stand for a few more days, and hopefully I won't have to pitch these to the vultures.

    ...because without the bitter, baby, the sweet ain't as sweet.

  8. /me wonders what he would get for a genesis and original sega cd package

  9. Ohhh, they have Box and manuals for both?!

    Ok, I retract my previous statement (or quoted statement. Whatever). But anywho... that's still too rich for my blood. :-p

    I'll give you $15 for yours Shinobi. :-p

  10. This is insane... I'm gonna be sticking a lot of sega cds on ebay really soon.


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