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Thread: XRGB2, Good Fighters

  1. XRGB2, Good Fighters

    Hiya. I've put some stuff on EBay that I'm selling, sort of a Spring Cleaning thing: MUSHA, Samba De Amigo with maracas, DC GGX, DC CvS2 with bonus disc, an XRGB-2 with four RGB cables:

    Genesis, SNES, Saturn, Dreamcast

    Check out this link if you're interested at all:

  2. Heya - most of the auctions at my link are ending tonight, and quite a few of them still seem to offer pretty good deals:

    XRGB-2 (/w 4 cables) for $81, DC CvS2 (/w bonus disc) for $25, Samba De Amigo and 1st party Maracas for $76, and a few other good things.

    If you're from TNL, and you win any of the auctions (other than Samba), I'll give you free shipping, as well.

  3. Damnit... I want that XRGB even though I don't really need it.


  4. I think your item descriptions are really funny.

    I can tell you that on about three of the days I wore it, someone told me I looked good. However, and this is important, they didn't notice the jacket - they didn't say "nice jacket" or anything like that - they just commented on my looking good in general. You understand?
    The spirit of liberty is the spirit which is not too sure it is always right. -Learned Hand

    "Jesus christ you are still THE WORST." -FirstBlood

  5. I'm disapointed that Cap Vs SNK 2 doesn't come with the gin. *-neo

  6. $201 for the XRGB-2!!! You must be a happy man, Stone. I'll score myself one of these puppies someday.

  7. It wasn't the XRGB-2 so much as the Saturn and Genesis RGB cables. Now those are a bitch to find.


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