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Black Isle Studios (the RPG division of Interplay) has announced plans to create a collector's edition of <b>Icewind Dale II</b>, featuring collectible items, exclusive gameplay enhancements and much more.

<p>The new package is scheduled for a simultaneous release with <i>Icewind Dale II</i>. Fans of the series will especially benefit from the Collector's Edition based on the added extras which will be included. Among the collectible items is a special Collector's Edition bonus disc containing additional gameplay enhancements and tracks from the game's captivating music soundtrack.

<p>Plus, akin to the <i>Lunar: Silver Star Story packaging</i>, <i>Icewind Dale II Collector's Edition</i> will include a full-color cloth map of the legendary region of Icewind Dale. Other items include:

<ul type="square">
<li>A set of four collectible character trading cards
<li>High quality spiral-bound manual
<li>A set of dice
<li>Black Isle Studios stickers and writing tablet to enjoy while questing.
<li>Enclosed in a hinge book style box.

<p>For more details, visit the official Icewind Dale II web site.

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