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Thread: Need an AES old-style case

  1. Need an AES old-style case

    Not the paper box type, the one with the tray insert. It can be cracked, I don't care, as long as the box itself is intact. I will buy/trade.

    PM me or reply here.


  2. Try this guy as he might have aes as well...

  3. I tried him a while ago. No luck.

    Thanks though.

  4. I've got one.

    I'll be out of the hospital this coming weeked maybe.

    It's in decent shape. You can have it for 15.00 shipped.

  5. Sounds good. PM me when you're all set so I can send you a money order.

  6. Hello i have 2 in mint condition no cracked trays!! asking
    $20 each...paypal accepted email me at if your interested


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