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Thread: First Look: Biohazard 0 (Resident Evil 0) for the GameCube

  1. First Look: Biohazard 0 (Resident Evil 0) for the GameCube

    Look at what Capcom has released...

    Capcom has announced it will release Biohazard 0 (Resident Evil 0 in the states) for the GameCube this summer in Japan. The game takes place before the first Resident Evil game, and it focuses on S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team member Rebecca Chambers and fugitive navy officer Billy Cohen. Biohazard 0 is expected to be in playable form at the upcoming E3 Expo. The screenshots are taken from Nintendo's 2002 spring catalogue.

    Source: GameCube Inside

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    It's hard to tell much from the screenshots, but this is good news nonetheless. The more RE, the better--especially a new game. I'm interested to see how the game will play with the GameCube controller...

    Now where's DMC 2?
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