Codemasters' hit PC shooter is on its way to XBox

Players looking for their next post-Halo fix should get their analog sticks ready; Codemasters will be bringing their FPS, Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis to X-box this winter.

Packed to the brim with military goodness, this shooter will feature both the original game and the expansion pack, Resistence , along with updated graphics and controls to take advantage of the big console's power.

Operation Flashpoint plunks you into the middle of the cold war, as Gorbachev is in power and bringing glasnost to the Soviet Union. A group of rebels opposing all this kinder, gentler regime decide to hole up on an island and use it as a stronghold against the new USSR. NATO (which you are a part of) is called in on peace-keeping grounds and the game unfolds from there.

You take command of the NATO force trying to stop the rebels, and how you do that is completely up to you. Become a sniper and take some head shots; drive a tank and crush barricades; command a squad of Rangers into a drop zone; the choice is up to you, and makes the stages highly replayable.

Resistence is the prequel to the original game, and places you in command of the natives of the island that is being invaded by the rebels. We know how that turns out, but you can't go down without a fight. With both games included in this nice little package, along with new graphics and an updated interface, things look promising. Aspiring peace-keepers should look for it winter of 2002.

Source: Press Release

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