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Thread: The channel that started it all, is back!

  1. The channel that started it all, is back!

    TNL presents the return of #GF_Tavern! (Well, accessible through us that is...)

    Well, this event was something that's been long overdue. Many have wondered when the hell we were going to get off our butts (or rather, I should to update our chat domain to give you, the gaming community a place to chat up a storm.

    And what better place then the channel that started it all than #GF_Tavern, home to generations of gamers, n00bs and veterans. You'll find no other place beats the experience you'll find here.

    If you're unable (or unwilling to use IRC), we have a java client which can connect you directly located at But, for the savvy types who've gotta chat in style; we humbly recommend mIRC. To set up a connection, get your channel settings configured to, using ports 6667 or 7000 - and finally add #GF_Tavern to your room directory, and that's it. We'll see you there.

  2. Yeah, It's great to be linked with the better gaming sites out there. For some of you that don't know the story of our existence then you check out the huge thread on Sound off.

    I would like to thank Bahn for this oppurtunity One thing people should know is unlike most sites chat's that you go to. We actually have people there now. You will never find the place empty. Idle yes but never empty . Dedicated chatters for 5 years now we haven't left and just looking for people to join us
    So say we all.

  3. Bahn snagged a period in the link so it didn't work.

    This should work.
    - Kabuki




    All fixed!


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