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Thread: FS: Modded PSOne system

  1. FS: Modded PSOne system

    ***ON HOLD***

    I have a modded PSOne system (the small white one) with..

    Composite cables
    Power cable
    Dual Shock 2 controller (works fine with PSOne)

    The mod was installed inside the system by someone else, so I don't know anything about it. All of my JP imports and US games worked flawlessly on it, and I'll give a money back guarantee if your game doesn't work on it. I'm looking for about $30 or so.

    ryu-rjjs and are both my eBay accounts for feedback.

    e-mail me or PM.

  2. Wow, I could play Vib-Ribbon with this.

  3. I'm pretty interested, composite cables are what again?

  4. Composite are just the normal Red, White (both audio) and Yellow (video) cables that come with every system.


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