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    Last night I was looking up an old movie on IMDB and found some interesting triva on it. You would be surprised by the amount of interesting info that is provided on some movies and tv shows. Most of these things were completely new to me.

    Case in point 1: Conan

    The Mattel Toy Company started to make some Conan action figures, but after viewing the film, the executives realized that they couldn't afford to be associated with a film with such graphic sex and violence. They gave their doll blonde hair, called him "He-man", and thus created "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" (1983).

    Case in point 2:The Simpsons

    The show's creator and animator Matt Groening has stated that his initials appear in any animation of Homer Simpson. When looking at Homer from the side, one can see that the zig-zag of his hair forms an "M", while his ear forms the "G".

    Case in point 3: Star Trek Deep Space Nine

    People close to J. Michael Straczynski, the creator of "Babylon 5", claim he contacted Paramount with his idea for a show about an interstellar space station as he knew Paramount was the only big production company with a long tradition in science-fiction. The people at Paramount turned it down and Straczynski continued his search for a money-strong production company. Not long after Paramount announced the plans for "Deep Space Nine", a show strangely similar to "Babylon 5".

    Very interesting stuff indeed .

  2. haha, yeah, i check out all these movie trivia whenever i'm bored. you find some pretty amazing stuff. like tears of the sun started out as die hard 4, but somehow ended up a totally different movie.

  3. Those are some great trivia facts.

    The IMDB has tons of cool info, but you can't take everything you read there seriously. There's a lot of false info posted there simply because the people who run the site don't really throughly check the info they recieve from their users. Hell, I've managed to get a false trivia fact or two on there myself.

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  4. Awww damn...great!


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