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  1. Audition

    I heard such great and promising things about this movie. How it was sick, and super gorey, and shocking. Whatever.
    The "Years Goriest Ending" (Rue Morgue Magazine) was almost completely bloodless. What a let down.

    I'll confess that the movie is rather disturbing in some of it's visuals. Asami's "pet" in the sack being the most fucked part of the movie for me.

    Maybe I'm just a desensitized bastard. Maybe I'm just a really sick fuck. Am I the only one who thought Audition was tame?

  2. Well, Audition is more of psycological horror film, than wall to wall gorefest. Its more about the characters and human relationships. People who hide their true self, and when the real truth comes out its horrific. The first half of the film is not a horror film at all, and thats why the end might seem soo disturbing and horrific to many people.

    If you want a sick and gory film, check out Miike's Ichi the Killer.

  3. That movie freaked me out -- I had NO expectations going into the movie, maybe that's why you were underwhelmed. It wasn't the gore that got me either it was imagining the torture and the cutting and the needles with the thing in th.........


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