First the Worm Light, and now - several new innovative products are coming your way.

I've heard of some very unique devices in my time, but I would've never expected a device as innovative as what Nyko has in store for E3 attendees this year. Recognized for being one of the purveyors of handheld accessories, namely the Worm Light, is turning its attention to a common complaint among many gamers - sweaty hands.

Nyko will introduce the <b>Air Flo</b> game controllers designed for the Xbox and PS2. The pads will provide a consistent fresh flow of air which will keep your hands feeling dry and comfortable during those rigorous gaming sessions. The pads will retail for $24.99 (PS2) and $29.99 (Xbox). Both are scheduled to roll out for release this July. And Gamecube owners needn't frown as a sign of being left out, a Gamecube design will be released in October.

The pads also feature rubberized grips for added comfort, and offer the same functionality as the respective PS2 and Xbox pads including variable vibrator control, analog buttons, and a 10-foot cable (to sit back and enjoy all the action contrary to hugging your television set). The Air Flo controller for Xbox also boasts dual expansion slots for memory cards.

Other accessories which will be featured include the <b>Worm Cam</b> and a <b>Gamecube 64MB memory card</b>. The Worm Cam allows players to take snapshots in similar fashion as the model that developed for its handheld predecessors. The Worm Cam also boasts a unique "spycam" mode that allows pictures to be taken either by motion detection or time-lapse photography. Users will be able to store up to 20 pictures, thanks to the internal battery and will feature a rotating camera allowing for to acquire that perfect angle of, well, whatever photograph you'll looking to achieve. For the tech monkeys, <i>Worm Cam</i> will provide a 10-bit RGB 356x292-pixel resolution, and allow you to upload video snapshots to a PC for editing and emailing (PC link included).

The 64Mb card will be available to players in a variety of colors corresponding to the current domestic/import models available on the market including indigo, black, red and orange. Release date and price were not disclosed.